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Our Story

Made with the highest quality ingredients since 2013!

Lyla and her husband, Bill, were frustrated with the lack of affordable, healthy, and Mediterranean options among the many sub shops and pizzerias that dominated the east side. Eventually, Lyla and Bill decided to establish a business that catered to the needs of the community.


Two years later, Lyla's Catering and carry-out Lebanese deli was launched. Offering fresh, traditional, and affordable Lebanese food, Lyla's aims to evoke memories of past Sunday family dinners.

Lyla's passion for food began when she was just 14 years old, when she asked Ed Housey, the caterer at St. Maron's, for a job in the kitchen. At first, he declined due to her young age, but after persistently asking, he eventually relented.


Under Housey's guidance, Lyla learned the labor-intensive techniques required to create authentic Lebanese cuisine by working weekends and summers. Later, Lyla further honed her craft, graduating from Schoolcraft College Culinary Program. 

Lyla and her kitchen staff prepare made-to-order Lebanese sandwiches, salads, entrees, soup, and many other Lebanese favorites, such as lamb grape leaves, vegetarian grape leaves, baked kibbee, falafel, tabouli, hummus, and more. We offer a catering menu that provides carry-out in party trays or a customized menu that Lyla will help you create for your special event. Lyla's also offers delivery, set-up, or full-service options to the location of your event.

Order online, or contact us for your upcoming event! 

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